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Tall Men Jeans

Countries With The Tallest Average Heights

Genetics and diet make Europe a fertile ground for growing tall men and women.

The World Health Organization has determined the international standards for children’s growth to the age of 5 years old. This classification is based on the norms seen among children coming from economically advantaged backgrounds, which exhibit similar growth patterns when breastfed during infancy. A person’s height is measured from his or her feet to the top of his or her head. Measurement of such is done with a device called a stadiometer. There are some factors that relate to growth, as populations sharing the same environmental factors and genetic backgrounds often exhibit similar trends in stature. Although genes and the endocrine system may cause such contrasting extremes as dwarfism or gigantism, children may also suffer from delayed growth and marked reductions of height achieved during adulthood due to malnutrition and external factors, such as during wartime or economic situations like poverty. With that in mind, we look at the countries with the tallest average populaces in the world, all of which are to be found in Europe. These average heights are the mean for total analyzed populations, including both male and female participants. Read More

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